question regarding over the counter devices

Thomas Schäfer thomas at
Mon Mar 6 17:43:30 CET 2017

Am 06.03.2017 um 13:48 schrieb Gert Doering:

> 3G mandated IPv6, no carrier actually deployed it *before* they had a
> huge legacy of IPv4-only handsets in the field...  could have been done
> from day one.

One interesting point here is: Despite the late start of the mobile 
network people, we have some user equipment at the moment.

LTE/UMTS-modems(usb/mPCIe) - no firewall issue - because it is 
exclusively done / not done by the OS of the connected device (e.g. 

LTE/UMTS - router, my focus is on the mobile things here: I never have 
seen firewall settings for IPv6, only a lot of mostly obsolete IPv4-features

LTE-router for DSL-replacement may be better here, but I don't know

Some phones are able to share IPv6-connections (tethering, 
hotspot-mode): Do they provide a firewall? Is it useful?

Can anybody test it? I can't because there is a big firewall by the ISP.


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