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If a CPE has no v6 support, having it available on the DSLAM (in passive mode = do not start IPv6CP until the client initiates it) will not do harm.

The issue here isn't devices that do not support IPv6, it's the ones that do support IPv6 when it "suddenly" is turned on.

The mobile carriers nicely demonstrated how *not* to do it - by ignoring the mandate for IPv6 in 3G, and rolling out huge masses of v4-only handsets, they suddenly had a huge installed basis of, well, v4-only legacy devices to deal with...

Most carriers do not control handsets anymore. Those days are long gone.

But the mobile situation is now becoming better, isn’t it? I read that >50% of the traffic to Facebook from the bigger US mobile operators is now IPv6. In the UK, we have at least one mobile operator with a growing deployment of over half a million v6-only handsets - see

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