question regarding over the counter devices

Thomas Schäfer thomas at
Mon Mar 6 12:56:17 CET 2017

Am 06.03.2017 um 12:11 schrieb Florian Lohoff:
> Aunt Tilly

> You are dealing with non technical people.

You contradict yourself.
Non technical people have no clue about IPv6/IPv4, some of them flood
the support(in Germany Unitymedia/UPC, Vodafone)) because their PS-games 
don't work anymore with CGNAT as part of DS-lite.

But they got the change implicitly via the new AGB(Terms and Conditions 
small printed) while upgrading the speed without being asked about the 
protocol changes.

A further example is the mobile network. After changing the network 
profile on IOS-devices, the user cannot opt out.

Without a choice (switched on is switched on the IPv6-monitoring must be 

Last Friday the IPv6-connection between DTAG and google was broken for 
some hours.

Non technical people have no chance to debug the slow motion web sites 
in this case.


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