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On Mon, Mar 06, 2017 at 12:11:53PM +0100, Florian Lohoff wrote:
> You cant enable some feature for "Aunt Tilly" without her at least
> beeing able to take action. 

Aunt Tilly has no idea what IPv4, IPv6 or "Internet" is.  As long as her
web browser will show cat videos, she's happy.

If you wait for Aunt Tilly to make a decision regarding "how should her
Internet access be provisioned?", nothing will ever happen.

> I have been with a large Carrier in .de and we had the transitional
> problems and we didnt fix/enable it at all until i left in 2011.
> Although we enabled the core of my former employee to IPv6/6PE
> and the BRAS were all IPv6 capable we didnt enable it. So around 1.7
> million DSL Subscribers without IPv6. I and a few collegues started a
> new carrier and we shipped 100% Dualstack but we knew the oldest Software
> of our CPEs and we new the features. So it was much easier.

If a CPE has no v6 support, having it available on the DSLAM (in passive
mode = do not start IPv6CP until the client initiates it) will not do harm.

> You need to start somewhere and the non-tier1 carriers with enough
> IP Adresses dont even start enabling IPv6 because they have no answer
> to the transition scenario.

Delaying the inevitable will just raise your costs more and more.

The mobile carriers nicely demonstrated how *not* to do it - by ignoring
the mandate for IPv6 in 3G, and rolling out huge masses of v4-only 
handsets, they suddenly had a huge installed basis of, well, v4-only
legacy devices to deal with...

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