BBWF Beer meetup

erik.taraldsen at erik.taraldsen at
Fri Oct 7 15:20:41 CEST 2016

Terribly sorry if this is an misuse of the list.  I know people here are not shy to speek up if they feel it is, so feel free to bash my head in that case. :)

I'm arriving Tuesday, staying untill Thursday.  How about a meetup at a bar not to far from Excel Tuesday?  It's my second visit to London so I have absolutely no knowledge of recomended bars.  In my oppinion it should be some where they don't play to loud music so we can talk, not shout to each other (yes I'm that old and boring)(Anyone who recomends disco, you are banned to IPv4 CGN for the rest of your life).  Recomandations?  Say that we start approx 20.00?


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