Cost of IPv6 for IT operations team

Phil Mayers p.mayers at
Fri Mar 27 12:59:34 CET 2015

On 26/03/15 09:04, BERENGUER Christophe wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> I work for a consulting firm.
> For a client, I would like to estimate the work overload for IT
> operations team to deploy IPv6 dual stack and for day to day operations.
> On the internet, I have found an estimation around 20% of work overload
> for the run phase. But if you have operational feedback it would be the
> best!

I agree with others that this is a very hard thing to estimate.

I will say that we run our dual-stack network (fully deployed since ca. 
2012) with exactly the same staffing levels, and actually a slight 
reduction in our recurrent budget, as our older IPv4-only network.

I don't think our network is any less reliable, or suffers a higher 
level of incidents. This suggests to me that, in our case, IPv6 has 
added a very low operational cost. Our incidence of IPv6-related 
problems, particularly rogue RA from machines configured for connection 
sharing, has actually *decreased* substantially since we deployed native 

I don't believe the rollout cost was high. We used refresh cycles to 
upgrade to v6-capable gear, and rolled out slowly to grow our team 
knowledge. But we don't have detailed cost breakdowns.

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