Cost of IPv6 for IT operations team

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Fri Apr 10 22:36:56 CEST 2015

On 26 Mar 2015, at 09:04, BERENGUER Christophe <Christophe.BERENGUER at> wrote:

> For a client, I would like to estimate the work overload for IT operations team to deploy IPv6 dual stack and for day to day operations.
> On the internet, I have found an estimation around 20% of work overload for the run phase. But if you have operational feedback it would be the best!

This is a strange question, but I think as a consultant I would want to design a rollout methodology that made that overhead (cost) as close to zero for your customer as possible.

For example - and I speak generically, but this may be appropriate for some firms :

Stage one - write v6 support requirements into RFP for equipment before you plan to turn it on.  Ideally this will be based on document RIPE-554 and be part of your buying process already (and have been in this process for at least the last buying cycle!)  This way, when you want to turn v6 support on, the incremental cost of your hardware support is zero.

Stage two - training, get a tunnel into the lab, make comfort with v6 part of your technical appraisal for the technology teams, so that when it’s time to turn it on your team are familiar and will make fewer mistakes.

Stage three - roll it out at your network edge, core & dns.  Yes this is a project which needs time management and planning and incurs cost.

Stage four - utilise your new training and v6 capable edge to roll out NEW services dual-stack.  The incremental cost of adding v6 support to a NEW rollout when you have to do a bunch of work to roll out a service at all is therefore zero.  v6 support for existing services can be added in product refreshes in time.


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