Cost of IPv6 for IT operations team

Nick Hilliard nick at
Sat Apr 11 11:27:51 CEST 2015

On 10/04/2015 21:36, Andy Davidson wrote:
> Stage one - [...]
> Stage two - [...]
> Stage three - [...]
> Stage four - utilise your new training and v6 capable edge to roll out
> NEW services dual-stack.  The incremental cost of adding v6 support to a
> NEW rollout when you have to do a bunch of work to roll out a service at
> all is therefore zero.  v6 support for existing services can be added in
> product refreshes in time.

Uh, lemme just drop this in here:

Stage 4 might be a good way of burying deployment costs but I'm going to
assert that stages 1 through 3 are the easier, lower cost bits.  The reason
is that stages 1-3 can be deployed relatively easily by a tiny number of
people even on reasonably large networks.  Although stage 3 - where you
state the costs lie - is the first place which causes a direct and up-front
cost to be incurred in terms of resourcing and config, it can still be
rolled out relatively quickly and easily.

The problem with stage 4 is that it requires that the expertise garnered by
the initial deployment team is spread throughout the rest of the company,
ranging from product development to the FLS desk, right through to
customers.  This is a prolonged and time-consuming process, and
consequently expensive.  I'd love to see a larger scale discussion about
this, because it's one of the main blockages for ipv6 adoption and
discussion of live cases would help other organisations make the jump.


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