Some very nice IPv6 growth as measured by Google

Jeroen Massar jeroen at
Sat Nov 8 12:45:11 CET 2014

On 2014-11-08 11:34, Tore Anderson wrote:
> * Jeroen Massar
>> On 2014-11-08 10:27, Yannis Nikolopoulos wrote:
>> [..]
>>> the short story here is that we're (finally) enabling IPv6 on our
>>> (already capable) CPEs :)
>> And then getting broken connectivity to Google:
> Non sequitur. I'd be extremely interesting in understanding how Yannis'
> IPv6 deployment in OTE (kudos!) could possibly impact the SixXS/HE
> tunnel users' ability to contact Google.

That is not what I wrote or intended.

Something unrelated to their deployment broke. But doing the deployment
does mean that you are now providing connectivity that breaks to two
major providers: Google and Akamai.

> Anyway. Tunnels suck, news at 11... I wonder if QUIC will exacerbate the
> problem, with no TCP MSS equivalent to help hide defective PMTUD.

Tunnels do not suck, people who have broken clusters that randomly drop
packets suck. Note that even with a full 1500 MTU you will have broken
connectivity to Google at the moment, lots of fun thus for those native
deployments like Unitymedia who forcefully stuff folks in DSlite land.

Currently that is both Akamai and Google. Both of which have been
working for a long long time.

At least Akamai is claiming to be looking into it, but with their recent
multiple Location: header fiasco I think they have more on their plate.

Note that this broken connectivity just gives a "Disable IPv6" cry from
a lot of people, which is a really bad thing.


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