Large IPv6 Multicast Domains

Phil Mayers p.mayers at
Sun Jun 8 11:13:52 CEST 2014

On 07/06/14 20:40, James Small wrote:
> I can confirm that IOS (and assuming NX-OS) supports Anycast RP using PIMv6

Sorry, I was unclear:

NX-OS definitely has commands for "ip pim anycast-rp" and, now that I 
look after enabling "feature pim6", "ipv6 pim anycast-rp". I haven't 
tried them (our RPs are on JunOS boxes) but I assume they more or less 
work ;o)

You say it's supported under IOS, which sounds good, but I see no sign 
of any specific command syntax under 15.1SY on 6500, for v4 or v6. Which 
IOS versions support this, and what's the command syntax?

> (RFC 4610).  However, I haven't tested this for Embedded RP so not sure if
> that throws a curve ball.  The challenge with Embedded RP is it become a new
> application requirement.  From the network perspective it's not a big deal.
> However, from the application owner perspective it could be.  I can't speak
> to that because I'm not a developer.  It is a change from IPv4 though which
> means it needs to be sold to the App-Dev group.

I don't understand this last bit at all.

Embedded RP just entails using a specific group range. There's no work 
for the application to do at all, other than have some way to configure 
in the group it uses (well, and use IPv6 multicast of course, but if it 
doesn't, embedded RP doesn't apply so the point is moot).

I can't see any reason anycast-rp wouldn't work with embedded RP; it's a 
pretty simple mechanism (replicate PIM register messages). I doubt the 
mechanism cares.

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