Question on DHCPv6 address assignment

Eric Vyncke (evyncke) evyncke at
Mon Feb 3 12:23:01 CET 2014


Wrt to the Cisco DHCPv6 server (CNR):
1) sequential or random per configuration (can send multiple IA_NA/IA_TA
if there are multiple prefixes configured for this link)
2) while client can send a 'hint' to re-use previous addresses, the server
can do the same thing, we called this 'affinity', as well if using IA_NA
(or course not applicable to IA_TA :-))

PD is the same

Hope this helps


On 31/01/14 22:00, "Fernando Gont" <fernando at> wrote:

>I'm wondering about the following two aspects of different DHCPv6
>implementations out there:
>1) What's the pattern with which addresses are generated/assigned? Are
>they sequential (fc00::1, fc00::2, etc.)?  Random? Something else?
>2) What about their stability? Is there any intent/mechanism for them to
>be as "stable" as possible? Or is it usual for hosts to get a new
>address for each lease?
>P.S.: I understand this is likely to vary from one implementation to
>another... so please describe which implementation/version you're
>referring to.
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