Question on DHCPv6 address assignment

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> It's also worth noting that the old presumption that MAC-based
> interface identifiers are normal and anything else is strange is
> obsolete. See
> which is approved in the RFC queue already and
> for a possible future recommendation.
For environments where the IPv4 address management is based on MACs the
transistion to IPv6 might be done easier if MACs still can be used.

> These documents are mainly written with SLAAC in mind rather
> than DHCPv6, but I don't think that changes the principles.
> Personally I would avoid "sequential range like fd00::1, fd00::2"
> because it exposes you to easy scanning attacks. Random seems
> best except for servers.
For internal addresses I would prefer anything not-random. If there is a
situation when one has to debug through larger amounts of IPv6 addresses
a bunch of random addresses will likely cause more confusion.
External client addresses should be random.


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