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Andre Tomt andre at
Thu Feb 14 18:21:36 CET 2013

On 14. feb. 2013 17:35, David Magda wrote:
> On Thu, February 14, 2013 09:55, Andre Tomt wrote:
>> If your prefix changes every time you dial in then your ISP is broken.
>> The norm for dynamic prefixes are long leasetimes and mapping stored
>> persistently by DUID and/or customer. There are some edge cases where
>> the prefix can change, but "dialling in" or reconnecting should not be
>> one of them. If you see something else in the field, please shame 'em :)
> Personally I prefer this as the default behaviour: there are already
> plenty of ways for (web) sites to track us without adding to the list.
> I certainly understand the desire of having static(-y) addresses when
> wanting to run servers, but having it as a (free/low-cost) option is
> preferable to me.
> For a while I had a router model that would automatically reconnect at 4
> AM everyday so I could regularly get a new address. Perhaps I'm overly
> paranoid, but I'm enough databases already that I don't feel the need to
> help marketers do their jobs.

Don't worry - they have far better and easier ways of tracking you. They 
probably do not even want to bother with IP addresses as it is nowhere 
near a reliable eyeball-identifier compared to the alternatives :-)

As a option for the paranoid I suppose having the DHCPv6-PD client 
release and rotate IA ID's once in a while could work. No idea if the 
RFC's say anything about this. Too lazy to check, but my upstream do 
change the prefixes if I change the IA ID's so at least it sort of works.

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