multiple prefixes

Max Tulyev maxtul at
Tue Feb 12 02:06:38 CET 2013

On 12.02.13 00:47, Tim Chown wrote:

>>> Indeed. I would still maintain that a medium size
>>> enterprise/organisation should be able to acquire and use IPv6 PI.
>> I haven't kept up with this as much as I should, but are the RIRs
>> handing out PI space to orgs that don't have ASNs nowadays?
> I believe all you need to do now is find a sponsoring LIR, and meet
>; the
> multihoming requirement, at least in RIPEland, has apparently recently
> gone, see

The /48 PI costs ~500 EUR register+first year, and ~150 EUR next years. 
There are a lot of offers. It is easy to get it in RIPE region, 1-2 days.

Is there any reason to think PI is a bad way for avoid renumbering? I 
don't see any.

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