multiple prefixes

Doug Barton dougb at
Tue Feb 12 09:12:55 CET 2013

On 02/12/2013 12:09 AM, Brian E Carpenter wrote:
> On 11/02/2013 18:31, Doug Barton wrote:
>> You mean other than the dozens of times operators have made the
>> statement that they care about renumbering?
> No. I mean your apparent denial that organisations "should be able to obtain/afford
> PI."

Ah ... I didn't write that. Tim's message was badly edited. Meanwhile, 
see later in the thread where whatever misunderstandings I had were 
corrected, and where I pointed out that relative ease of getting PI 
space wasn't my point at all.

> Of course I know that sites don't like renumbering. I presided over two site
> renumberings during my misspent youth and I am an author of RFC 5887 and
> several 6renum drafts, so you can take it that I grok the problem.

Yeah, I thought it odd that you would disagree with me on that one. :)


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