DFN <-> ipv6-test.com: broken for you, too?

Robert Kisteleki robert at ripe.net
Wed Nov 7 12:24:15 CET 2012


In order to complement the ring results, here's something from RIPE Atlas
(using 838 vantage points I think):



On 2012.11.07. 11:00, Clement Cavadore wrote:
> Hi,
> I am not DFN-connected, but, using the ring machines
> (https://ring.nlnog.net) to perform a ping test, I get those results:
> ipv6-test.com - 153 servers: 62ms average
> ipv6-test.com - unreachable via: nexellent01 occaid01 bigwells01
>>From those three "faulty" servers:
> - nexellent01 & bigwells01 seems to have a complete broken IPv6 connection
> - occaid01 seems to have DNS issues (but works using the IPv6 instead)
> ... seems that the server is quite reachable from anywhere, so you may
> ask DFN more about this issue :-)

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