ipv6 default - ::/3 ?

Garry Peirce peirce at maine.edu
Sun Nov 11 15:04:25 CET 2012

I've been seeing an odd v6 situation and wondered if any may be seeing the


I have two different v6 providers originating a default v6 (expected to be
::/0) into two different routers of mine.

I'm not seeing it from either ;  however my routers tell me I am RX'ing a
::/3 from each which I believe is a bogon.

They claim they are default-originating a ::/0  , are not advertising a ::/3
,  nor do they have this prefix in their tables.


As it looks oddly similar to 2000::/3, I'm curious if it's being mucked with
within IOS when received.

I'm seeing this on Cisco76xx under SRE6,7 & 7a.

I've tried removing filtering/routemaps with no change in behavior.  I've
not had an opportunity to sniff it.


Outside of the aspect of accepting/using a default, anyone else seeing this
or know why it may be?


Garry Peirce


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