DFN <-> ipv6-test.com: broken for you, too?

Clement Cavadore clement at cavadore.net
Wed Nov 7 11:00:59 CET 2012


I am not DFN-connected, but, using the ring machines
(https://ring.nlnog.net) to perform a ping test, I get those results:

ipv6-test.com - 153 servers: 62ms average
ipv6-test.com - unreachable via: nexellent01 occaid01 bigwells01

>From those three "faulty" servers:
- nexellent01 & bigwells01 seems to have a complete broken IPv6 connection
- occaid01 seems to have DNS issues (but works using the IPv6 instead)

... seems that the server is quite reachable from anywhere, so you may
ask DFN more about this issue :-)
Clément Cavadore

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