Skype 8 does not support ipv6

Fred Baker (fred) fred at
Fri Nov 2 20:38:27 CET 2012

On Nov 2, 2012, at 7:36 AM, Ignatios Souvatzis wrote:

> The whole business model of Skype is to provide NAT-proof VOIP.
> With end-to-end-connectivity hopefully restored by IPv6, where
> would be the point of investing manpower for it?

I would state that differently. The business model of Skype is to provide VoIP/VideoIP that bypasses regulatory and business damage with superior call quality and saves users money. Note I didn't say "is free"; a Filipina lady that lives with us is an example of a person that uses skype-out (her end is Skype, her family's end is a cell phone, and she pays for the Philippine portion of the phone call) because it is a higher quality connection at a *comparable* cost. I'm a "free" example, with a son in Afghanistan, where $5.00/minute is exorbitant and usually unavailable.

The point of investing in IPv6, for Skype, is that it enables connectivity that might otherwise be unavailable. Right now, that's a hard argument to make. 

I would expect that the *other* reason that Skype hasn't jumped on Window's IPv6-under-alles model is that it is in most cases implemented by replacing the socket API with the WSAConnectByName API ( to make the application network-layer-agnostic. WSAConnectByName sets up a vanilla TCP connection. If one wants to do something else - heaven help us, use IPsec or UDP - it doesn't work. Skype isn't TCP...

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