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> Yet another year goes by, and Skype still remains one of the most popular apps, and thus its ipv4 dependence blocks meaningful ipv6-only adoption. Skype  is the poster child of ipv4 dependence.  This engineering failure at Microsoft (owns Skype) pushes cost on to other actors in the internet ecosystem and is a market failure where a more costly and more cgn broken internet is the result.  See the official tweet below stating no support.

Yes, Skype's failure to support IPv6 *is* a major hurdle for many organizations and *is* the reason I've had multiple people tell me they can't move to an IPv6-only network (or even is just a blocker for them to even think about IPv6, i.e. "Skype doesn't work with IPv6 so why should we bother").  In truth, it is the primary reason why *I* can't move to using only IPv6 within my home network.

That said, I don't know precisely what can be done other than continue to express the need to Skype/Microsoft for IPv6 support and to make public statements about the desire for this.  I've reached out to various contacts I have within Skype and received basically the same comment - that they know it is of interest but do not have a timeframe for IPv6 support.  Hopefully now that the Microsoft acquisition is farther in the past this can perhaps be something they work on.  We'll see.


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