Have we been opted out of IPv6 AAAA resolution?

JP Velders jpv at veldersjes.net
Thu Jun 7 14:25:13 CEST 2012

On Wed, 6 Jun 2012, Tim Chown wrote:
> Except for some reason no Macs or iOS devices are seeing RAs through 
> our Cisco WLC, while Windows and Linux devices are.  Some weirdness 
> to hunt down. Maybe the new "first hop security" in 7.2 is too 
> secure...

I can confirm that IPv6 on 7.2 is severely broken in certain (well, it 
seems: our) configurations (serious hard and silent crashes observed 
with multicast and IPv6).

7.2MR1 looks more stable, but for the Dutch IPv6 launch event we fell 
back to the tried and true 7.0.98 release in "hub" (aka "Enable IPv6") 
mode, that remained stable for 24 hours, the same as last year.

We found suspected issues with AP Multicast prohibiting RA's being 
seen on the WiFi in 7.2MR1, still under investigation.

Cisco TAC and BU are chasing issues, but I'd be very cautious with 
any 7.2 release and multicast or IPv6.

I'd be interested in (sanitized) configuration dumps from anyone 
running Cisco WLC's with 7.2 and working large-scale IPv6 deployed.

Kind regards,
JP Velders

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