strange osx privacy address behavior

Matt Ryanczak ryanczak at
Sat Jun 2 00:01:40 CEST 2012

On 6/1/12 4:40 PM, Erik Kline wrote:
> I might start by investigating in this area right here.  A
> privacy/temporary address is no different from any other address and
> it really needs to play by all the regular Neighbor Discovery rules.

Further testing points to the access point not passing the NA packet
from the mac. The mac appears to send it though. I'm thinking the AP is
throwing it away.

> But things like ping6 to the v6 address, the v6 link-local (try the
> multicast group that the privacy addr should have caused the box to
> join), etc.  Maybe it's a red herring by it smells fishy.

good advice. I will do more extensive testing.

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