CloudFlare IPv6 BGP announcements - WTF guys?

Oliver olipro at
Tue Jul 17 01:34:39 CEST 2012

On Monday 16 July 2012 23:16:03 Sascha Luck wrote:
> Granted. The reaction of the customers - who know nothing about
> DFZs and RIR politics -  of both the filtering and the filtered
> operators, will be something along the lines of:
> "Bugger this IPv6 lark, it's useless,I can't reach a thing"
> And I figure uptake is fragile enough to not hamper it any more than
> absolutely necessary.

Given the widespread implementation of Happy Eyeballs, not really.

Even without it, Joe Q. Public is unlikely to even *know* it's anything to do 
with v6 - businesses who need CDN will vote with their feet and avoid 
companies who use their address space in such a way that global reachability 
isn't ensured.

At this point you come across as little more than a shill for the CDNs wanting 
to avoid implementing proper infrastructure and sensible routing policy.


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