Youtube over IPv6 for non-whitelist users?

Harald Firing Karlsen maillist at
Mon Jun 20 12:32:35 CEST 2011

On 20.06.2011 12:11, Gert Doering wrote:
> Why would their experience be "much better", given that a few extra
> milliseconds of network latency won't have much impact on video
> streaming (none, as soon as the video has started), and assuming that
> your uplinks are not congested?
I experience a lot better performance on videos loaded from our GGC node 
vs. videos loaded from google/youtube. The problem definitly appears to 
be on googles side as we peer directly with them and our link is not 
saturated. When I watch a movie it might have problems with buffering in 
480p while turning it up to 720p might (or might not, seems quite 
random) solve it, which makes me think the problem is within Googles 
network. I know several other ISPs in Norway that have suffered from the 
same issue. The problem stopped occuring from all videos that were 
cached after we installed GGC, and now buffering the entire movie 
happens within a few seconds regardless of quality (for IPv4 users that is).

I wouldn't "blame" Google if I didn't know of several other ISPs that 
had the exact same problem and they all solved it by installing a GGC 
node in their network.

Anyway; this is a bit off topic as the main issue is that people with 
IPv4-only GGC gets worse performance if they roll out IPv6 as they don't 
get to utilize the GGC node.

Harald F. Karlsen

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