Youtube over IPv6 for non-whitelist users?

Mark Smith nanog at
Mon Jun 20 12:20:26 CEST 2011

On Mon, 20 Jun 2011 12:08:56 +0200
Harald Firing Karlsen <maillist at> wrote:

> On 20.06.2011 09:25, Erik Kline wrote:
> > Youtube is trialing the use of blacklist mode (AAAAs are served unless
> > the network is measured as having a high degree of brokenness) for
> > most of the video hostnames, rather than whitelist mode.
> I have noticed one issue with this; we have a GGC node in our network 
> and (according to the GGC Team) IPv6 is not yet available for our node. 
> This means our IPv4 customers will get a much better Youtube experience 
> then our IPv6 customers (at least for popular videos that are cached).

I'm currently on the end of a 6to4 tunnel and I've configured my Linux
box to prefer tunnelled IPv6 over native IPv4, and I'm in the asia
pacific. I've had no issues what so ever with the youtube content being
delivered over IPv6, including 1080p videos. 

Here's quite a spectacular 1080p video to test with.

> -- 
> Harald F. Karlsen

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