Toward more sensible whitelisting

Dan Wing dwing at
Tue Jun 14 06:05:00 CEST 2011

> Agreed, not ideal. But, could a browser not abstract away this issue to
> best fit a host? DNS? Naptr?

Modify the IPv4-only browsers?  Sure.  But considering the continued
use of IE6 in China (per recently-published statistics from Microsoft),
sharing content there would be a problem.  Yes, it happens -- I shared
links just last year when I was organizing travel over there.

Making existing users change to deal with new technology -- which they
are not deploying -- does not seem like it would be successful.  
"Teaching old dogs new tricks" comes to mind.

> I personally only use ipv6.blah in my bookmarks for CNN, Facebook,
> Google, Cisco ... but I am not a usual user that prefers to be af
> agnostic. Nonetheless, this is an evolving behavior.  If I ran a nat64
> network, would it not behoove me to seed these book marks with ipv6
> names on user device and my customer portal?


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