Great news for IPv6

Tore Anderson tore.anderson at
Tue Oct 26 11:39:19 CEST 2010

* Martin Millnert

> After some initial troubles (*), i now try and, and my
> results are a bit unhappy -- none of them works well from a ipv6-only
> host (i just drop v4 packets in my iptables OUTPUT chain).
> They load, but very slowly. :)
> Dual-stack works, and about 50% of the packets come over ipv4 and 50%
> from ipv6 for the entire site first page load.  (I think the only
> viable migration goal for content providers must be to make content
> compatible with ipv6-only hosts)

Yep, but that's definitively step #2.  There's content included from ad
networks and such that are not dual-stack capable and not everything
loaded from our rig is dual-stack capable at the moment either.

For now we want to just try out dual-stacking the main hostnames and see
if we can do so safely.  If the verdict after the test day is that the
broken users problem isn't really a big concern, hopefully we'll put
dual-stack in production permanently and add the missing pieces so that
we'll in the end be able to cater to IPv6-only end users.  But first
things first.  :-)

And so far, so good.  We've yet to receive any real complains of
connectivity loss.  My contact in VG just called the whole test day an

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