IPv6 cookbook - was RA vs. DHCPv6 discussion

S.P.Zeidler spz at serpens.de
Mon Jun 7 20:54:12 CEST 2010


Thus wrote michael.dillon at bt.com (michael.dillon at bt.com):

> > > If everyone just publishes their experiences on their blogs, then
> > > a newcomer who tries to make use of that information on a slightly
> > > different network will run into problems.
> > 
> > If everybody just wrote on one English-language wiki, a rather large
> > audience would be left completely uninformed. May I remind you that
> > other languages exist and not everyone running computers speaks
> > English?
> Even the German IPv6 council has problems avoiding the use of English, 
> and let's not talk about Lena...
> http://www.ipv6council.de

All these don't try to tell people that they must not create resources in
a different language.

> Even when I do a Google search for "seiten auf Deutsch" I get lots of 
> pages with English on them. This is not something that I can fix. 

That's not something I asked you to fix. Just, you know, when someone says
"I'll write up info" not to tell them they must write it in that wiki and
thus by implication in English.

> As for having a central wiki in English, this can still help solve
> your problem.

Not if everybody who can parse its contents gets told that that is the
only place they may leave information about IPv6 at, unless you propose to
make that wiki multilingual (which I assume you are not). If everybody who
understands IPv6 at all may just write there, how do you propose
different-language resources get created? By translators who haven't got
the faintest about what they are translating and produce gems like
translating a backup link as tape storage connection?

(Rest deleted because it just boils down to that of course for other 
languages there need to be be other resources. I disagree on whether they
"may" be primary write-ups or "must" be translations, because I can't see
me starting on a translation campaign and I don't assume the other people
on here are that generally bored either, so the 'translate the One True
Source' idea is a stillbirth IMO).

spz at serpens.de (S.P.Zeidler)

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