IPv6 cookbook - was RA vs. DHCPv6 discussion

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Fri Jun 4 10:50:46 CEST 2010

> However, various RIRs do have a number of options that
> might work well for this. Michael has already mentioned the ARIN IPv6
> Wiki; RIPE Labs is another site that could be a good platform for
> this. (http://labs.ripe.net)

I'd prefer that RIPE *NOT* create another Ipv6 site since part of the
problem is that Ipv6 information is too scattered. Intstead, since RIPE
already has a good site with videos and interviews
targetting technical decision makers, I would prefer to see ARIN and
join together on this.

The end result would be that RIPE promotes getipv6.info as the one right
place to find and update operational experience and cookbook style
recipes, and ARIN promotes Ipv6actnow.org as the one place for the
IPv6 news and info.

Similarly, this list should adopt the getipv6.info site and we should
register for logins and update the info from time to time. You don't
need to
be an Ipv6 expert to do this since often the experts don't realise how
a particular email explanation was. I've already done something similar
the NANOG list about a year or so ago when there was a lot of Ipv6
i.e. I extracted the best bits of info and put them on getipv6.info.

And, of course, we should invite APNIC, LACNIC and AfriNIC to join in as
rather than simply duplicating the same ideas and causing info to get

As for JANET and similar orgs, they will always do what they do, but the
wiki can link to the JANET document and even include a "bopok review" of
it so
people know what is there. And Ipv6actnow.org could interview the author
the new guide and why it needed to be updated.

Because of the working relationships between the RIRs and all network
I think that it is best to have these kinds of sites affiliated with one
of the
RIRs because a lot of people will look to the RIR for information
knowing that
other ISPs may have already solved a particular problem.

--Michael Dillon

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