IPv6 cookbook - was RA vs. DHCPv6 discussion

Mohacsi Janos mohacsi at niif.hu
Fri Jun 4 10:57:13 CEST 2010

Dear Michael,
 	I would prefer that every who has IPv6 operational 
experiences share them one way or another. I don't care which 
portal or at which  organisation. Internet is a free medium to publish 

Janos Mohacsi
Head of HBONE+ project
Network Engineer, Deputy Director of Network Planning and Projects
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On Fri, 4 Jun 2010, michael.dillon at bt.com wrote:

>> However, various RIRs do have a number of options that
>> might work well for this. Michael has already mentioned the ARIN IPv6
>> Wiki; RIPE Labs is another site that could be a good platform for
>> this. (http://labs.ripe.net)
> I'd prefer that RIPE *NOT* create another Ipv6 site since part of the
> problem is that Ipv6 information is too scattered. Intstead, since RIPE
> already has a good site with videos and interviews
> <http://www.ipv6actnow.org/>
> targetting technical decision makers, I would prefer to see ARIN and
> join together on this.
> The end result would be that RIPE promotes getipv6.info as the one right
> place to find and update operational experience and cookbook style
> recipes, and ARIN promotes Ipv6actnow.org as the one place for the
> latest
> IPv6 news and info.
> Similarly, this list should adopt the getipv6.info site and we should
> all
> register for logins and update the info from time to time. You don't
> need to
> be an Ipv6 expert to do this since often the experts don't realise how
> useful
> a particular email explanation was. I've already done something similar
> with
> the NANOG list about a year or so ago when there was a lot of Ipv6
> discussion,
> i.e. I extracted the best bits of info and put them on getipv6.info.
> And, of course, we should invite APNIC, LACNIC and AfriNIC to join in as
> well
> rather than simply duplicating the same ideas and causing info to get
> more
> scattered.
> As for JANET and similar orgs, they will always do what they do, but the
> getipv6.info
> wiki can link to the JANET document and even include a "bopok review" of
> it so
> people know what is there. And Ipv6actnow.org could interview the author
> about
> the new guide and why it needed to be updated.
> Because of the working relationships between the RIRs and all network
> operators,
> I think that it is best to have these kinds of sites affiliated with one
> of the
> RIRs because a lot of people will look to the RIR for information
> knowing that
> other ISPs may have already solved a particular problem.
> --Michael Dillon

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