Safari on IPv6 ?

Sam Wilson Sam.Wilson at
Mon Feb 1 15:32:07 CET 2010

On 1 Feb 2010, at 13:22, Ron Broersma wrote:

> The confusing behavior you're seeing in OSX 10.6 is most likely the  
> mDNSResponder issue reported earlier by Bernhard.  Apple switched  
> to mDNSResponder for unicast DNS resolution in 10.6, but that broke  
> IPv6 address selection because mDNSResponder takes whatever is the  
> first response (A or AAAA) and drops (rejects) all other answers.   
> So, depending on how you ask, and depending on what address comes  
> back first, there is no way for the rest of the system or  
> applications to see all the responses and make appropriate address  
> choices.  This seriously impacts IPv6 interactions, because it no  
> longer deterministically prefers AAAA over A, but rather uses only  
> the response that arrives first.

Can you describe situations where you should expect multiple answers  
to have different information?  I don't think I understand what  
mDNSResponder is doing because in normal DNS, modulo times when  
information is changing, all answers should have the same data.

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