RADIUS/IPv6CP bits and pieces for IPv6 subscriber access

Kurt Jaeger ipv6-ops at c0mplx.org
Sun Oct 26 21:57:03 CET 2008


> Does anybody have any examples of how they are handing out v6  
> addresses to customers using PPPoE?

Not yet in production, but that's what I plan to do:

One /128 to the CPE, and some prefix(es) (/64, /48) in addition to that.

If there's a way that the CPE learns the prefix(es) we assign to it
and does some clever things with them, I want to learn more 8-}

Are there known CPE which barf on receiving IPv6CP ?

How do you handle all the "corner" cases ?

- One PPPoE session with both v4 and v6
- One PPPoE session with only v4
- One PPPoE session with only v6

Are you using different vpdn groups for it ?

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