RADIUS/IPv6CP bits and pieces for IPv6 subscriber access

Nick Hilliard nick-lists at netability.ie
Thu Oct 23 15:29:52 CEST 2008

Joe Abley wrote:
> Does anybody have any examples of how they are handing out v6 addresses
> to customers using PPPoE?
> I'm working on some config, but I'm not sure of the appropriate
> conventions. For example, should I be handing out a host address for the
> customer router as a /128, along with a customer-side /48 (or /64 or
> whatever; I figured we'd just give everybody static /48s for now) which
> should be routed towards the /128, or something different?
> In case it helps to know, this is using JUNOSe 8.2 on ERX310s for LNS,
> subscribers see PPPoE, we see L2TP on the LNS, the mysterious cloud in
> the middle is run by Bell Canada (who use ERXes to switch the tunnels).
> The subscriber equipment I'm playing with right now is a cisco 2600 with
> DSL WICs running 12.3(23).

For SMEs and upwards, the approach of handing out /48 (or more likely /56
once we finally come to terms with the fact that most SMEs won't really
require 65536 ipv6 networks) seems to be a relatively good one.  Also,
there appears to me to be no good reason not to use /128 for single host
access or /126 for link addresses.  Static configuration at the customer
side is probably appropriate.

The difficulty is in dealing with small business and home users, most of
whom will have no requirement for anything other than a single /64 + /128
for the gateway.  For this, RA is not going to suffice, and realistically,
you're going to need to implement dhcpv6 + rfc 3633 prefix delegation.  Of
course, you're also going to need a CPE device which supports this.  For
that, I leave you to browse the results of these links.


... etc, etc, etc.


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