fixed configuration 48 port layer 3 routers

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Fri Nov 7 01:14:03 CET 2008

Not an endorsement, but it seems the HP Procurve 3500yl-48G-PWR (copy paste 
model number from their site) might be.  I'm deploying a 5406zl, which is 
essentially the modular version of that switch.  So far it's going well. 
We're actively working on an issue with engineering though, but it seems to 
be isolated to AAA (802.1x or mac-based auth).  Too early to tell there.

As for v6, I've not really started to push/test v6 on the switch yet.

--On November 6, 2008 4:03:07 PM -0800 Mike Leber <mleber at> wrote:

> Hi, I'd like to hear what solutions people are using as a fixed
> configuration 48 port layer 3 router (for customer aggregation) that
> supports OSPFv3 and IPv6 (BGP a plus but not required), and a rough price
> that it cost.
> We've been evaluating (and using) various boxes over the years and so far
> all the solutions have the same high per port cost as a core router.
> I'm looking for something the is the same or close to the cost we'd see
> for fixed configuration IPv4 routers, so that we have a good answer for
> what to tell people to use (other than core routers or quagga and
> switches).
> Considerations are:
> layer 3 wirespeed IPv6 and IPv4 routing
> OSPFv3
> at least 8000 ARP entries *with* IPv6 enabled
> 48 ports
> 10/100/1000 copper
> optional 10GE uplink
> BGP a plus, but not required.
> Mike.
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