fixed configuration 48 port layer 3 routers

Mike Leber mleber at
Fri Nov 7 01:03:07 CET 2008

Hi, I'd like to hear what solutions people are using as a fixed 
configuration 48 port layer 3 router (for customer aggregation) that 
supports OSPFv3 and IPv6 (BGP a plus but not required), and a rough 
price that it cost.

We've been evaluating (and using) various boxes over the years and so 
far all the solutions have the same high per port cost as a core router.

I'm looking for something the is the same or close to the cost we'd see 
for fixed configuration IPv4 routers, so that we have a good answer for 
what to tell people to use (other than core routers or quagga and switches).

Considerations are:

layer 3 wirespeed IPv6 and IPv4 routing
at least 8000 ARP entries *with* IPv6 enabled
48 ports
10/100/1000 copper
optional 10GE uplink
BGP a plus, but not required.


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