Connectivity issues and packet inspection

Patrick Grossetete pgrosset at
Thu Jun 19 17:57:05 CEST 2008

         Not available on IOS, neither on any OS client I am aware of...
We do support stateless DHCPv6 to propagate information such as DNS 
server, SIP server,...
As DNS is only one of the network services you need to know about


At 05:45 PM 6/19/2008, Erik Kline wrote:
> > We are much farther with 'auto-discovery', but we need to clear up a few
> > small areas... God willing, now that we have prefixes and rtradv in place,
> > someone who has the resources to 'play' needs to develop a spec to simply
> > pass but one name server address, and a true *plug and play* specification
> > will be born...
>I'm assuming you've seen RFC 5006
>(  Now, as someone who has
>precisely zero access to Cisco or Juniper or (...) gear, I can't say
>if/when this makes it into IOS/JunOS/...
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