Connectivity issues and packet inspection

Steve Bertrand steve at
Thu Jun 19 17:56:09 CEST 2008

Erik Kline wrote:
>> We are much farther with 'auto-discovery', but we need to clear up a few
>> small areas... God willing, now that we have prefixes and rtradv in place,
>> someone who has the resources to 'play' needs to develop a spec to simply
>> pass but one name server address, and a true *plug and play* specification
>> will be born...
> I'm assuming you've seen RFC 5006

That is one that I have not read yet, I will now.

> (  Now, as someone who has
> precisely zero access to Cisco or Juniper or (...) gear, I can't say
> if/when this makes it into IOS/JunOS/...

When I run out of spare Cisco gear, I find that FreeBSD with Quagga 
makes an adequate substitute for much of my level of testing, 
particularly in regards to BGP.


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