Connectivity issues and packet inspection

Erik Kline ek at
Thu Jun 19 03:18:00 CEST 2008

2008/6/18 Steve Bertrand <steve at>:
> Steve Bertrand wrote:
>> Erik Kline wrote:
>>> Possibly a configuration issue on the client?  I should think that ::5
>>> should have been able to tell that ::b6 was on-net and used regular ND
>>> to find it, rather than sending the ping to the router.  Is there any
>>> config data for the (non-router) box?
> I can confirm that the ICMPv6 redirect when I communicate between a FBSD
> box, and ::b6 (FBSD) is not generated by the router.
> It only happens from my XP box. I'm going to try Vista from a colleagues
> workstation to see the effect there.
> I personally don't like it. Just adds overhead to the router. Hopefully I
> track it down to a config issue at my end.
> Hopefully someone else has a setup where this can be tested and documented
> that requires minimal effort to do so, just so I can compare results.
> Also, any other feedback as to how to troubleshoot this further from someone
> who knows the innards of Windows better than I do (I'm purely a FreeBSD
> person) would be great.
> Steve

Somehow that box doesn't have a netmask properly set on the at
interface.  Following Phil's instructions "netsh; ineterface ipv6;
show routes" I see a 2001:4860:...::/64 entry.  This is an autoconf
line, learned from the RA, and I understand you have statically
assigned the address.  I don't know how in Windows but I'd see if you
can statically assign a netmask, possibly "netsh; interface ipv6; set
route ...".

Good luck, though.  Vista support of IPv6 seems much better than XP,
so I'm told.

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