New ARIN ipv6 allocation policies

David Conrad david.conrad at
Fri Sep 1 23:38:41 CEST 2006

> But if the choices are, "Only adopt v6
> in a manner that is stylistically pure," or "Adopt v6 in a manner  
> that fits
> the existing business models which make the net work," don't hold your
> breath waiting to figure out which one I'll choose.

It isn't a question of stylistic purity vs. fitting existing models.   
It is more a question of peeing in the pool to make the water warmer.

Simply, PI does not scale using the existing routing technology that  
makes the net work.  The real question is pay now or pay later.  Not  
surprisingly, we'll be paying later.

It is sad we have not learned from past mistakes.

>> Yeah, it's nice that ISPs will eat the cost of the router upgrades.
> Yep, just like they have since the beginning.

I didn't think I needed the half-smiley.  Of course, ISPs never have  
eaten the costs, they pass them on or go out of business.

> It's this little thing called progress ...

No.  It is called "repeating history".  "Progress" would have been  
IPv6 being designed and implemented with a scalable routing  


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