New ARIN ipv6 allocation policies

Roger Jorgensen rogerj at
Sat Sep 2 00:25:38 CEST 2006

On Fri, 1 Sep 2006, David Conrad wrote:
> It is sad we have not learned from past mistakes.

This is a really sad day, PI space in IPv6 instead of just adjusting the 
rules for getting IP space AND redo the routing thinking... but then 
again, have humans ever learned from past mistakes? 

> > It's this little thing called progress ...
> No.  It is called "repeating history".  "Progress" would have been  
> IPv6 being designed and implemented with a scalable routing  
> architecture.

bottom line is, we've failed with IPv6 routing wise for now, we got more 
address space but that's about it really.
But, we still have 7 more chances to get it right if I remember correctly. 
Let's focus on doing it Right (tm) the next time over, forget old habits 
and try out new ideas.


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