6BONE shutdown

Pim van Pelt pim at ipng.nl
Mon May 8 17:29:42 CEST 2006

| > I did not attend the RIPE52 my self. However, from what I have been told
| > is the recommendation, from the IPv6 working group, that transit
| > providers continue to route IPv6. 
| Can't speak for "the IPv6 working group", but my recommendation was
| "don't filter it in BGP (it might end up causing damage, years later),
| but actually talk to whoever is announcing you 3FFE space and make them
| stop doing so".
Allthough I understand what you mean by damage later on in life, I don't
think anything will change if people have to manually hunt down these
3ffe announcing people, because I don't think it will work in reality.
(An argument for my claim is below.)

| For customers, it's straightforward, and for peers, it should be possible
| to convince them to make their customers stop announcing 3FFE space.
Possible, but only if a handful of engineers spend a truckload of their
valuable time educating people who should know better but probably
don't give a damn. I'm affraid I'm not going to choose that route,
mostly because I have heard several 6BONE individuals openly state that
they are not going to return 6BONE space as long as it works.

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