ip6.int deprecation

Jørgen Hovland jorgen at hovland.cx
Mon May 8 15:08:54 CEST 2006


Since there is no reason for us to remove our ip6.int zones from our name servers, they will not be removed until the parent zone, RIPE, have removed theirs.

If you have any good reasons for removing ip6.int, except for the cost of maintenance (which is £0 in our case), I would like to hear them.


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Hoi collegues,
I have heard DNS operators are planning on removing ip6.int from their 
resolvers (ie by plugging ip6.int into an empty zone on their recursors). 
What are your thoughts on this? I am considering removing ip6.int also 
in the same way, because I think it can take a long time for the parent 
of .int to remove ip6 delegation (if they are even considering this is
unknown to me) and for sure it might take a long time for the ip6.int
folks to remove children from their zone.

I'm interested in knowing what your plans are, so if you could get back
to me or the list, that'd be great!

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