ip6.int deprecation

Alexander Gall gall at switch.ch
Mon May 8 16:49:57 CEST 2006

On Mon, 8 May 2006 15:08:54 +0200, Jørgen Hovland <jorgen at hovland.cx> said:

> Since there is no reason for us to remove our ip6.int zones from our name servers, they will not be removed until the parent zone, RIPE, have removed theirs.

> If you have any good reasons for removing ip6.int, except for the cost of maintenance (which is £0 in our case), I would like to hear them.

How about "most of ip6.int is horribly broken"?  Just try to resolve
anything in 2.ip6.int with +trace for a good laugh.  All delegations
for 2.ip6.int are lame.  Actually, I don't think this zone cut was
there last time I checked and total brokenness started a little bit
farther down the tree.  Just when you think that it can't possibly get
any worse, it suddenly does...

As long as the operators of the high-level zones in ip6.int have no
intention to providing even the most modest of services (and this is
most certainly not going to change for the better), this discussion is
a waste of time, IMHO.  Get rid of ip6.int, please!  The sooner the


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