[narten@us.ibm.com: PI addressing in IPv6 advances in ARIN]

Sascha Lenz slz at baycix.de
Sun Apr 16 19:57:44 CEST 2006


Jeroen Massar schrieb:
> [..]
>> Apart from anything else, PI ipv6 space will completely undermine shim6, 
>> which will now die the painful death it deserves.  And I don't see how 
>> anyone could argue that this is a bad thing.
> *pssst* you clearly haven't noticed yet that shim6, and similar
> solutions, need an identifier, and that so called "PI space" is perfect
> to be used for it. It will only make deploying those thing easier as it
> won't be difficult getting a globally unique address space now.

so, what's the overall problem?
Every idea to save some prefixes in the default free zone table is 
welcome...call it shim6 or routing based on geographics or whatever.

New multi-homing ideas are just another reason _for_ IPv6 PI Address 
space, because with people who don't really need fully-fledged BGP 
routing having other options, the DFZ stays yet again smaller anyways!

The only thing I am saying (and probably most of the other IPv6 PI 
promoters, too) is, that there _must_ be a way for everyone to get 
world-wide routable IPv6 Address Prefixes if he/she/it knows what 
he/she/it's doing and really wants this, regardless of business size, 
LIR or not, money the have to spend or so called importance ("DNS root 
servers"..."Tier1 ISP"...$foo).

If i see that a customer doesn't need or care about how his multi-homing 
solution is done, and i see another possibility to solve this than by 
getting an AS number and PI address space for him, i'll happily deploy 
the other solution.

So please, can't we just do both ways and everything is fine again?
Probably we even can get IPv6 running before the next millennia is 

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