No route to some AS nets from AS3320 (DTAG)

Elmar K. Bins elmi at
Fri Apr 19 10:36:25 CEST 2024

Hi Marco,

I suppose one of the 3320 people will jump in and explain.
To me, it's a big oddity that 2160:2:: would not have an IRR record.
That's become very crucial to running a functioning service; many ISPs
filter on IRR record (presence).


mm at (Marco Moock) wrote:

> During some tests I noticed that some As aren't reachable from AS3320,
> but from other AS they are. On the destination AS some systems also
> reply and are productive systems.
> This affects - a well-known NTP service.
> If affects more, but I will start with that.
> 2610:20:6f97:97::4
> AS49 US National Institute of Standards & Technology
> I also did a RIPE atlas measurement that confirmed the destination is
> reachable from many other ISPs, but not from AS3320.
> When using their looking glass, there is no route to the net
> 2610:20::/32.
> HE's BGP toolkit shows that the net isn't listed in IRR nor RPKI signed.
> Is that maybe the reason the net isn't in their routing table?
> --
> kind regards
> Marco

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