No route to some AS nets from AS3320 (DTAG)

Marco Moock mm at
Fri Apr 19 09:39:37 CEST 2024


During some tests I noticed that some As aren't reachable from AS3320,
but from other AS they are. On the destination AS some systems also
reply and are productive systems.

This affects - a well-known NTP service.
If affects more, but I will start with that.

AS49 US National Institute of Standards & Technology

I also did a RIPE atlas measurement that confirmed the destination is
reachable from many other ISPs, but not from AS3320.

When using their looking glass, there is no route to the net

HE's BGP toolkit shows that the net isn't listed in IRR nor RPKI signed.

Is that maybe the reason the net isn't in their routing table?

kind regards

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