Atlas probes and 6to4 [Re: IPv6 ingress filtering]

Philip Homburg pch-clue6ops-1 at
Mon May 20 15:33:00 CEST 2019

>I tried to traceroute one of them (Probe #3009) at
>and it petered out at [2001:470:0:17a::2]
>The embedded IPv4 address is, which is reachable,
>and is indeed the published address of probe #3009, so it does
>indeed look like a failure in the return relay path.

Probe 3009 doesn't have a default route on IPv6. I can look at other
probes if requested.

In the context of 6to4, I'm more curious how users would experience broken
6to4. Happy Eyeballs was supposed to hide broken IPv6 in general and the
priority of 6to4 address in destination selection should be below IPv4.

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