IPv6 ingress filtering

Brian Carpenter brian.e.carpenter at gmail.com
Wed May 15 11:51:48 CEST 2019

Anycast 6to4 needed to be assassinated, and that has more or less happened.
If classical unicast 6to4 is still working for a few people, I don't really
see any harm in it. Of course I agree that native is better.

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On Wed, 15 May 2019, 19:00 Gert Doering, <gert at space.net> wrote:

> Hi,
> On Tue, May 14, 2019 at 11:08:21PM +0200, JORDI PALET MARTINEZ wrote:
> > 6in4 needs manual configuration (or a TB).
> >
> > 6to4 is 6in4 with automatic configuration.
> You might not have noticed, but I have done a bit of IPv6 over time,
> so yes, I understand.  And thus: 6to4 needs to die.  In flames.
> > Living in a perfect world is ideal (I will love to have just one ISP
> with IPv6 in every country). But is not real.
> This is not solved by poor-quality tunnels.  All these tunnels do is
> "make IPv6 look bad", so people get to learn "IPv6 has more latency, more
> packet loss, and I can not even call customer support if it does not
> work, so better avoid it".
> This was already accepted truth 10+ years ago.
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> have you enabled IPv6 on something today...?
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