SixXS shutting down 2017-06-06

Tore Anderson tore at
Thu Mar 23 17:07:29 CET 2017

* Pim van Pelt

> Our webservers aren't going anywhere, but it may take a little while
> to piece out the ULA bits from the other database activity we have,
> and it's my intention to destroy the PII (ie the database) after the
> sunset. I'll make a note of coming back to this after the dust
> settles.

Regardless of what will happen to the ULA registry, I presume that all
the personal data you've gathered during the years of SixXS operation
(whois database, user accounts, backups of those, etc etc etc) will be

(IANAL, but it'd surprise me if anything else would conform to the
various data protection laws and regulations in most civilised

In any case, many thanks for your contribution to IPv6 deployment!

Tore - inactive SixXS user

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