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On Mon, Mar 06, 2017 at 01:34:19PM +0100, Jakob Hirsch wrote:
> While I understand the concerns, since I was in this situation a
> while ago at $ORKPLACE[-1] (you may remember me from your former
> employer :), this is OK in the early phase, were you want to make

I do remember ;)

> sure that your hotline won't blow up. If you want a significant IPv6
> usage (which we all do, I hope), you'll just start enabling it. We
> had several phases, roughly and IIRC:

For me personally i have seen strange things happening enabling IPv6
which i wish nobody to debug again - the cups issue was one of
the interesting ones. Now i have occasionally the case with an 
Dualstack WLAN and a IPv4 only Wired connection on the same
Debian/Jessie which regularly produce strange failure symptoms which
causes me to disable the WLAN is certain environments.

> So here we are now, a good six-figure (or maybe even seven by now)
> number using IPv6, most without knowing or noticing, without any big
> issues rolling in from support. So from my experience I would say:
> be bold!

Its not a technical problem as i hope anyone understands. Its a
marking/psychological problem. And before doing nothing because of
beeing afraid of all the things which might happen i'd rather push
forward slowly by using some new products or product introduction
as the DTAG did. IMHO a very clever thing although for some on this
list it is to slow. Put pushing harder might even make it slower.

I fought for enabling IPv6 for a couple of years - then i had the
opportunity to a green field ISP and we did dualstack from Day 1 and
we had zero problems caused by IPv6. But it was a single CPE Vendor

Now i am with a hosting provider and IMHO the problems are even bigger.
Customer dont see the need for even looking at IPv6 and all the IPv6
lan security headache ...

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